four months of chunk


I’m not sure how four months have already passed.  You are rolling back to belly, drooling up a storm, *found your toes*, babble once the girls have gone to sleep, not a HUGE fan of the car or tummy time, you have been the easiest travel buddy so far and you just love to smile at everyone you meet.  Your smile literally lights up my life.  I love you more than you could possibly know!

Beckett has sensitive skin, just like his sisters did as babies, and that means I have to be careful with the products I use on him and even the clothes I buy for him.  Enter Pajammie Zipsuits.  These sleepers are by far the softest piece of clothing I think I’ve ever felt.  They are an organic cotton blend that is not only so soft, but super breathable!  He can even wear them to sleep during this crazy Texas heat.  Bonus: I love to feel how soft he is when he snuggles up close.  A few things that really set these apart from other sleepers we’ve tried (over the last five years that is!):

-The softness.  It’s really unmatched.

-It’s breathable.  Can be worn in hot or cold weather.

-Optional footies/mittens up to size 12 months- this is something that is really, really cool.  If you have a baby that scratches their face, you can fold over the mittens.  If it’s getting colder out, you can fold over the little footies!  I’ve never seen a feature like that and I love the versatility of it!

-Covered top zipper and has two zippers to zip top to bottom or bottom to top!

I was so in love with the first one I got, that I bought three more! They have given me a special code to share with you for 10% off!  Type in 10FORFRIENDS at checkout to receive your discount 😉


Covered top zipper so there’s no scratching or poking!


optional footies up to 12 months


all pajammie zipsuits can be found here


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